U.S. ‘prepared’ successors to Putin – plan to occupy Russia saw light

The U.S. Army is one of the most combat-ready in the world. The reason for its combat capability is the readiness to fight in any conditions, at least theoretically.

As it turned out, the U.S. is ready even for the occupation of other countries – the U.S. Army’s SDF has the 95th Brigade of Military-Civil Administration. This was reported by Tg-channel “Special Purpose Channel.”

According to the military analyst, the officers and soldiers of the 95th Brigade should help the U.S. military build relations with the population and civilian authorities of the American-occupied territories.

They are taught the languages of “major enemies” – we are talking about Arabic, Iranian, Chinese… and Russian languages.

It turns out that the U.S. is actively preparing to conquer Russia

Is it worth waiting, in this case, for the conquest of Russia by the Americans? Rather, no, than yes. As Field Marshal Keitel said of Hitler’s six: “We never expected to conquer Russia from Leningrad to Vladivostok.”

Military expert Mikhail Vasilkevich believes that the Americans are not going to conquer the whole of Russia. Washington’s military may be preparing to conquer a number of Russian border regions, such as Kamchatka and Primorye in eastern Russia, or Murmansk and St. Petersburg in the west.

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In fact, the U.S. “prepared” successors to Putin as the head of the civil power in Russia. Anonymous Tg-channels reports that the U.S. plans were supposedly light, but absolutely no evidence was presented. Moreover, as the expert said, America will not attack a strong and politically stable country, surpassing the “neighbor in many respects”.

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