U.S. presidential press secretary “lost her mind” during accusations against Russia

U.S. presidential press secretary

U.S. presidential press secretary Jen Psaki “lost her mind” during the accusations against Russia. This is reported by the media

Psaki listed various attacks against Moscow but was forced to stop. “I’m losing my thought here,” she explained.

Afterward, the press secretary added that U.S. President Joe Biden is ready to respond to Russia when he deems it necessary in any case. During her speech, Psaki also referred to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg as UN Secretary-General and U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken as President.

Earlier, Jen Psaki revealed her plans as of press secretary to the U.S. president. According to her, she will work to restore confidence in the White House. “When the president asked me to serve in this position, we talked about the importance of bringing transparency and truth back to the briefing room,” the press secretary explained.

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