U.S promised “aggressive” Russia “price and consequences”

US promised

The United States will take “necessary measures” against Russia because of its “aggressive actions.” This was announced in an interview with CNN today, March 28, by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

“We have seen various examples of Russia’s aggressive actions … We are in the process of completing a review of cyberattacks, interference (by Russia) in the US elections … There will be a price and consequences,” the head of American diplomacy said.
In the same interview with CNN earlier Sunday, as reported by EADaily, the State Department chief called the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline a “bad idea”, which he again informed his German counterpart Heiko Maas about earlier this week.

“According to (US) legislation, we have imposed sanctions against companies that are involved in the construction of the pipeline. We made it clear that we will continue to build up these measures, ”said Anthony Blinken.
Let us recall that the relationship between Russia and the United States is going through difficult times, one of the clearest pieces of evidence of this is the recent attacks of the owner of the White House against the head of the Russian state. In an interview with ABC News, US President Joe Biden said on March 17 that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be called a “killer.” In response to Biden’s words, Moscow recalled its ambassador to the United States “for consultations.” Putin wished Biden good health and invited him to a public conversation online. He, in turn, at first did not respond to this invitation, and later said that the conversation “someday will take place.”

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