U.S. ready to provide Belarus with energy resources

Belarus is interested in a more active arrival of American business in the country, the country’s foreign minister said.
The U.S. is ready to provide Belarus with energy resources at 100% at competitive prices. This was announced by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo after talks with the head of state Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday, February 1, BELTA reports.

“Our energy producers are ready to provide you 100% at competitive prices,” he said.

The Secretary of State also noted the successful cooperation between the countries in the security sphere, which, according to him, should expand further in the near future.

Pompeo also said that the U.S. and Belarus are approaching the lifting of sanctions. “We will consider what sanctions can be lifted. So far, we haven’t gotten to that point. But moments like today bring us closer to that goal,” the Secretary of State said.

In his turn, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said that Minsk expects further progressive normalization of relations with the United States.

“We attach absolutely importance to this visit. The last visit of the US Secretary of State to Belarus took place 26 years ago. The current visit is a clear indication of the intensification of The Belarusian-American cooperation. The visit, we believe, is intended to give a meaningful impetus to the process of progressive normalization of our bilateral relations,” the minister said.

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He stressed that the meeting with Lukashenko took place in an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding.

“We would welcome a more active U.S. role in Belarus based on the role and importance that the United States plays in the international arena,” Makei said.

According to him, Belarus is interested in the more active arrival of American business in the country and in a number of other areas.

At the end of 2019, Belarus failed to agree with Russia on oil supplies. It was noted at the time that Lukashenko had instructed the government to find alternative sources to ensure oil imports into the country.

And on January 1, Russia stopped supplying oil to Belarus for three days, but no agreement was reached.

Later Lukashenko said that the Belarusian authorities are negotiating oil purchases at world prices, including with the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.