U.S. reported the loss of two Wagner’s MiG-29 PMCs in Libya

By | September 11, 2020
U.S. reported the loss of two Wagner's MiG-29 PMCs in Libya

The U.S. reported the loss of two MiG-29 private military company (PMC) Wagner in Libya. The corresponding statement was made by Rear Admiral, Director of Intelligence of the African Command (AFRICOM) Heidi Berg. Her words are reported by Jared Szuba, correspondent of AI-Monitor at the Pentagon, on her Twitter page.

According to the journalist, at least two MiG-29 fighters crashed in Libya and could have been controlled by Russian mercenaries. One of the planes was apparently lost on June 28 and the other on September 7, 2020. Berg also stated that “Russian fighters”, presumably MiG-29, or Su-24 Fencer planes, delivered airstrikes against Libya.

On September 8, MiG-29 fighter aircraft under the control of a Russian-speaking pilot was shot down in Libya. Who exactly shot down the fighter was not reported. Head of the morality department of Libyan National Army (LNA) General Khalid Mahjub stated that the video did not correspond to reality.

According to the report of the UN Committee of Experts on the Supervision of Sanctions, in May this year, the Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner transferred to Libya from 800 to 1200 fighters, uniforms, and two armored personnel carriers to support the LNA.

In Libya, the National Accord Government (NTC) of Faiz Sarraj, which controls Tripoli and the territory in the west of the country and is supported by Turkey, and the Libyan National Army under the command of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, which is supported by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, continue to confront. Its unofficial allies are France and the UAE.

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