U.S. social networks will try to "clamp down" in the EU

U.S. social networks will try to “clamp down” in the EU

The European Court of Justice has been recommended to allow each of the EU member states to take legal action against Facebook and other similar technology companies, even if they operate from the territory of another EU country. An advisor to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg made the recommendation, EuroNews reported.

Earlier, the Belgian regulator tried to prohibit Facebook to study how the residents of this country search the Internet in order to target them with advertisements without their consent. Some of those Belgians didn’t even have accounts on the social network. But Facebook said at the time that it was responsible only to Irish authorities since its European headquarters were in Dublin.

The Judicial Advisor’s recommendation against this kind of surveillance across borders is the same. It is not binding. But the judges are likely to rule accordingly. And then Facebook and other overseas digital giants will not be able to feel as free in Europe as before.

As reported by EADaily, after the “triumph of democracy” in the United States, when social networks and messengers began to block the accounts of supporters of the outgoing U.S. president and Donald Trump himself without much explanation, the search for alternative programs began. In particular, the Telegram app was downloaded about 545,000 times in the United States last week, which is almost three times more than during the same period the previous week. Also, the number of Telegram downloads increased because of the new privacy policy of Facebook-affiliated messenger WhatsApp.

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