U.S. special forces in Europe switch to Russian weapons

U.S. special forces in Europe switch to Russian weapons

In the summer of 2019, large-scale NATO exercises called Trojan Footprint were held in Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. No one made a big secret from this event, but, nevertheless, the exercises were not widely covered in the media. The reason is that 100% of the soldiers who took part in them were fighters of certain special forces of the USA and Europe. However, the most interesting feature of the event was the weapons used by NATO soldiers – both special forces from the European armies and American “Green Berets” used almost exclusively … Kalashnikovs of various models. For the most part, they were PMKMS, the Polish clones of the Soviet AKMS. At the same time, judging by the way some of the soldiers handled their weapons, Americans do not have an accurate understanding of how the Soviet machine gun works. Thus, in the video report made at the end of the exercises, one of the “Green Berets” prepares to shoot from his “Kalash” with not fully reclined butt, which is potentially fraught with a shoulder injury.

The strangeness of this whole story is added by the fact that all the Kalashnikovs seen are well-tuned and equipped with modern components and tactical units, which suggests that these weapons were not accidental in the hands of special forces. The likely key to solving the mystery may be the focus of the exercises themselves, which are declared as preparations for “reflection of Russian aggression” (although no one is asking why Russia should attack Bulgaria or Romania) and are called upon to train NATO soldiers not only to fight the “evil Russians” but also to use their weapons.

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