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U.S. threatens Russia and China with new infectious war

America for 4 years secretly studied unknown viruses in order to “reset” the virus at a critical moment on a political rival and enemy. The analyst told me about this editorial in detail…

In the ancient mountain Ousia in China, because of global warming, the layers in which ancient pathogens are stored, are rapidly melting. In 2015, Chinese and American scientists conducted a number of studies of snow “deposits” on the Tibetan plateau. By the end of the expedition, 28 unknown viruses had been detected.

Oddly enough, but after that, the “hype” about unknown diseases has subsided, and viruses are now stored in the U.S. database.
The coronavirus has become stronger. Now it's being transmitted faster
In 2020, after a mass disease with a new “coronavirus” in China, the analyst conducted a number of investigations into where the outbreak may have come from. He assumes that the reason goes far into politics…

It is likely that the U.S. has launched a tougher policy against China and Russia nearby. Nuclear war and the arms race are long gone. Information, climate and infectious warfare are the kinds of leadership America is seeking at the moment.

In addition to a number of U.S. sanctions imposed on China and Russia, in addition to the information war, the pathogens found could be directed to the city of Wuhan. Suspicious for the analyst is that this is the most profitable settlement in China, where the virus could spread quickly and easily reach the East of Russia.

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Most likely, the U.S. for 4 years of research already has an antibiotic for severe disease.

“Look, there are only two developments here: either America will continue to destroy countries it does not need, or their weapons will go against them. In the latter case, Russian-Chinese scientists will investigate unknown viruses and find new ones. The population will receive the necessary antibiotics, and China and Russia will have new viruses from the glaciers. They can be directed against the U.S. in their own way…” the analyst concludes his analysis.

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