U.S. to leave its military in Syria to protect oil

Donald Trump says the US will continue to protect oil fields in Syria from Islamic State militants.

U.S. troops will continue to guard oil fields in Syria from Islamic State militants. This was announced by U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter on Thursday, October 24.

“The oil fields, the topic of which was raised in my speech on Turkey and the Kurds yesterday, were held by IS militants until the Us recaptured them with the help of the Kurds,” he wrote.

“We will never allow reorganized IS militants to return these fields,” Trump added.

Pentagon chief Mark Esper has previously said it is possible to maintain a small U.S. military presence in northeastern Syria to protect local oil fields and fight the remnants of the IS group.

Recall, Turkey on October 9 announced the beginning of a military operation Source of Peace in northern Syria, the aim of which is to create a buffer zone there. It should become a protective belt for the Turkish border.

On October 17, Turkey and the United States agreed to suspend the military operation for 120 hours. The agreements implied the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the 30-kilometer security zone on the Turkish-Syrian border.

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Turkey announces the end of the military operation in Syria on October 23