UK Formula 1 race threatened by government decision

By | May 10, 2020
UK Formula 1 race threatened by government decision

The new restrictive measures of the British government to combat the spread of coronavirus infection, can disrupt the stages of “Formula 1” May 9, informs PlanetF1.

It is reported that under the new measures, which will be introduced in late May by the government of the United Kingdom, each entering the territory of the state shall be placed in a 14-day quarantine. Restrictions do not concern only those who come from Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of man. Compliance with quarantine will be fixed with spot checks.

This decision could complicate the holding of the Grand Prix of Great Britain for the “Formula-1”. The direction of the race series expects to start the season with a double race on 5 and 12 July at the Red Bull Ring track in Austria, and then immediately fly to Silverstone for carrying out of several races. The stage in the UK to be held on July 19, just a week after the second race in Austria. This is because standing on pause because of the pandemic, the championship has already lost 10 of the 22 races, so in the remaining time, the leaders of the “f-1” is calculated to do all the races running every weekend.

Most of the teams in the peloton — 7 out of 10 are based in the UK. Base Ferrari, AlphaTauri, and Alfa Romeo located in Italy. By assumption edition PlanetF1 is likely to move to Austria for the races in 14 days for the “Formula-1” will now become less desirable, but most can stay in the UK, and three teams arrive at Silverstone for 14 days before the first race.

But has not yet finalized details of the new measures of the government. Perhaps the necessity of quarantine will be imposed only for arriving passenger flights. For cargo and special flights can allocate the quota.

Recall, the leaders of the “Formula 1” hope to resume the season in early July, in Austria. To ensure the safety of the staff of the championship team members, employees of the racetrack, representatives of the International Automobile Federation, assume regular testing and strict limits on the number of people in the paddock and their freedom of movement.

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