UK may impose fines for foreign travel

UK may impose fines for foreign travel

British hopes for overseas summer vacations are dwindling due to rising coronavirus incidence in Europe

The British authorities may impose fines of £ 5,000 for compatriots who try to travel abroad by the end of June, as part of tightening border controls in connection with COVID-19.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government’s initial plan to reassess international travel in April and possibly allow it from May 17 remains in place, but fines are included in the bill in case this is not possible.

Whether people can travel abroad without specific reasons, such as work or study, will be considered by the government, which is due to submit a report on travel on April 12, Hancock said.

However, hopes that the government will give the green light to summer overseas vacations have dimmed in recent days amid warnings of rising COVID-19 incidence in Europe.

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