Ukraine has concentrated more than 20 drones on the border with the LDPR


The cleansing of the information field that is currently taking place in Ukraine may indicate that Kiev has decided to intensify military operations in Donbas. Vladimir Rogov, leader of the “Slavic Guard” movement, said this in a conversation with a correspondent on Friday, February 26.

“Last week’s meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) was held behind closed doors. According to the information that I have, it could have decided on the beginning of military action in Donbas. But the activation of force actions from the Ukrainian side will occur after the cleansing of the information field, which we are observing today – in Ukraine, the media are closed and undesirable persons are arrested”, – said the expert.

According to him, now in the entourage of President Vladimir Zelensky is also discussing the technology of banning – the Opposition Platform – For Life and the Political Party of Shariya. “These are healthy forces, which today are on the rise and gaining popularity. It is clear that in the case of early elections, which seems to be the case, they may become the leading forces in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,” explained Vladimir Rogov.

He also stressed that the formations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are slowly pulling towards Donbas, where military advisers and drone specialists from Turkey have already concentrated.

“According to the official version, there are only 5-7 strike drones, but according to the unofficial version, there are already 21-22. According to estimates of the Ukrainian General Staff, this number is enough to deliver, as they believe, a crushing blow to the line of defense of the People’s Republics, crush it and go on the offensive. At the same time, the Ukrainian leadership has confidence that Russia, paralyzed by its inability to end Nord Stream 2, will not interfere in this conflict. Zelensky and Polish President Andrzej Duda’s latest agreement is related to this. Both of them confirmed during phone conversations that they will oppose the Russian project in every possible way. That is, they hinted that if Russia helps the People’s Republics, the project will be blocked and Moscow will lose billions of dollars,” the head of the Slavic Guard movement said.

In addition, the interlocutor stressed that the day before Zelensky held talks with the head of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, and hinted to the latter that Ukraine is very interested in the presence of NATO both in the Black Sea and on its territory.

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“In essence, this is an invitation to war. But the fact is that NATO does not want to go directly to war with Russia. And now this power, which many people call Ukrainian by habit, is trying to get any kind of support, even Turkish, even NATO, even Moldovan. It doesn’t matter with whom they unite against their own people and Russia – even with Sandu, with whom the decision to block Transnistria has already been made. In fact, already in a few months, it will be impossible to travel from Transnistria to Ukraine in vehicles with Transnistrian license plates. There were no such restrictions before. This will greatly affect not only the well-being of residents of Transnistria, among whom are many citizens of Ukraine, but also the residents of the Odesa region, and the overall economic component. And all this is clearly not being done for the purpose of reducing the degree of confrontation in these territories. In fact, here we could use the phrase from the movie “Wedding in Malinovka”: “we are on the verge of a big fuss”. That is how we can characterize the condition and expectation of all the above-mentioned players of the political field. They all understand that something is going to happen. The near future will show what it will be,” Rogov said, adding that the final result could be influenced by a cool and calibrated policy of Moscow.

Earlier we reported about the detention of military and political expert Yuriy Dudkin in Kyiv by the Security Service of Ukraine, who can be charged under two articles at once – “high treason” and “violation of equality of citizens based on their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability, and other characteristics”. In the opinion of Vladimir Rogov, Dudkin has been chosen, among other things, as a hostage, after the execution of which all other Ukrainian citizens who think about the necessity of rapprochement of the two nations can be silenced.