Ukraine demanded from the U.S. to return $30 million for undelivered weapons

By | February 9, 2020
Ukraine demanded from the U.S. to return $30 million for undelivered weapons

Kyiv demanded from Washington the return of $30 million for undelivered weapons.

According to Buzzfeed News, citing sources in the Ukrainian government and a former American official, the U.S. side froze six military contracts with Ukraine without explanation.

Five of them are frozen for five years and one for a year.

The American, referred to by journalists, recommended the Ukrainian side to look for other suppliers.

Officials in Ukraine have linked the inhibition of arms supplies with China’s intentions to buy a Ukrainian aerospace company, the newspaper writes.

At the end of August last year, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the suspension of military aid to Ukraine and demanded to check the spending of already listed funds.

At the same time, just two months before this announcement, the U.S. Department of Defense promised to allocate another $250 million in defense assistance to Ukraine in the current fiscal year.

In October 2019, it became known that the sale to Ukraine of an additional batch of anti-tank missile systems Javelin weapons worth $39 million was previously approved by the U.S. Congress. At the same time, it was specified that this contract is not part of the military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 250 million dollars.

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