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Ukraine transferred military ranks to NATO standards

Ukraine transferred military ranks to NATO standards

Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran signed an order that introduces a list of NATO military rank codes in the country’s Armed Forces, the defense department’s press service reported.
“These decisions are designed to change the Soviet-style career management system to the modern one adopted in the armies of the leading states. In fact, this is a guide to the actions of personnel bodies to move to a new philosophy of work, providing for the creation of a career map for each soldier, sergeant, an officer on his training, growth, and provision,” – Taran’s words the website of the Ministry.

Ranks in the Ukrainian army are being brought in line with NATO standards under a law passed by the Rada in June 2020.
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine amended two laws in December 2014, abandoning the state’s non-bloc status. In June 2016, additional amendments were adopted that set NATO membership as the goal of the country’s foreign policy. Ukraine must also ensure the full compatibility of its armed forces with those of NATO countries by this year.
Former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen earlier said that in order to join the alliance, Ukraine would need to achieve a number of criteria, which will take a long time to implement. Experts believe that Kyiv will not be able to qualify for NATO membership in the next 20 years.

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