Ukrainian politicians won’t testify on Trump’s impeachment

Foreign Minister Vadim Pristaiko says that the attitude in the United States to Ukraine has remained the same, despite the scandal.
Ukrainian officials will not testify before the U.S. Congress as part of the investigation into the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Foreign Minister Vadim Pristaiko said on October 29.

“We have nothing to do with it. Let them deal with themselves. We will not go there, we will not comment,” he said when asked how Kyiv would respond to a possible U.S. request to testify.

Pristaiko also claims that the attitude in the United States to Ukraine has remained the same. There are people in the White House who are in communication with Ukraine, as well as at the State Department, in the Pentagon, in the U.S. Department of Energy.

“We don’t feel that anything has changed in relation to us,” the Foreign Minister summed up.

As you know, in the U.S. Trump’s opponents initiated an investigation against him, which could lead to impeachment.

Democrats allege that the White House chief of staff pressed green in a phone call and asked him to open criminal charges against Joseph Biden’s son, Hunter. As you know, the latter had an oil business in Ukraine and there is unconfirmed information that he was involved in corruption schemes.

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Thus, Trump allegedly blackmailed Vladimir Zelensky, demanding criminal cases against Hunter Biden in exchange for the support of the United States. The head of the White House, his opponents argue, thus wanted to tarnish the reputation of his rival Joseph Biden before the upcoming elections in the United States.

Recall, the State Department official gave evidence on this investigation against Trump.

It was also reported that Democrats have launched a procedure to impeach Trump because of the scandal surrounding his conversation with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.