Ukrainian security forces again blew up in Donbass

By | September 6, 2020
Ukrainian security forces again blew up in Donbass

Two members of the Ukrainian army were injured when a car bomb was detonated near the town of Novgorod in Donbas, the joint forces operation headquarters said.
Earlier on Sunday, two other Ukrainian soldiers detonated an unknown explosive device in a minefield during a fire evacuation and died.
“Today, following to the place of the extinguishing of separate hotbeds of smoldura, in the area of the settlement of Novgorod on an unknown explosive device blew up the car bottling station ARS-14. As a result of the bombing, two members of the United Forces were wounded in varying degrees of severity. Both fighters received medical treatment and were taken to a medical facility,” the Facebook post said.

Ukrainian authorities in April 2014 launched a military operation against the self-proclaimed LPR and DNR, which declared sovereignty after a coup in Kyiv in February 2014.
The issue of resolving the situation in the Donbas is being discussed, including during the meetings in Minsk of the contact group, which since September 2014 has adopted three documents regulating steps to de-escalate the conflict.
However, even after the armistice agreements between the parties to the conflict, skirmishes continue.

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