Ukrainians in Poland accused of stealing $2.2 billion

Citizens of Ukraine allegedly lead to an international group, which with the help of frauds withdrew from Poland 2.2 billion dollars.
Ukrainians in Poland are believed to be involved in a large international group that withdrew about $2.2 billion from the country. This is reported today with reference to the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau of Poland (CBA).

The security forces told about a months-long investigation, which prevented the activities of a criminal group consisting of 26 firms, which were led by Polish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Ukrainian citizens.

As a result of coordinated evasion or incomplete payment of taxes by fraudsters since 2016, the Polish treasury has not received at least 8.6 billion zlotys, which the attackers have withdrawn to foreign accounts.

During the special operation in connection with the incident in the village of Vulkan-Kosovskaya near Warsaw, from where the criminals were active, 18 suspects were detained. Whether there are Ukrainian citizens among them is not specified. Another 60 addresses are being searched.

Recall, three Ukrainians are suspected of stealing money from ATMs in Montenegro. Police said the attackers robbed banks in three cities for a total of 138,000 euros.

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Poland also detained 19 Ukrainians at the request of the Russian Federation to Interpol.