UN appeal: Germany fights U.S. for Nord Stream 2

UN appeal: Germany fights U.S. for Nord Stream 2

Berlin wants to bring to the UN the threat from the United States to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2, the Bundestag said. The European Union considers the introduction of such restrictive measures a violation of international law. Earlier, the EU sent a “note of protest” to the U.S. State Department over sanctions.Germany is exploring the possibility of discussing at the UN level threats of the United States to impose sanctions against “North Stream 2,” Klaus Ernst, head of the German Bundestag’s energy committee, told RT Deutsch.

He called unacceptable the situation in which one country, for example, the United States, prescribed another sovereign country – Germany – or a sovereign European Union, how to solve the issue of its own energy supply.

Ernst stressed that this “contradicts any reasonable relationship.”

The head of the German Bundestag Energy Committee also spoke about the Statements of the European Commission that Washington’s imposition of sanctions would be a violation of international law.

“This violation is to threaten the sovereignty of the country with extraterritorial sanctions. The fact is that these sanctions do not concern the territory of the United States, they concern the European Union,” he stressed.

In the EU, such pressure is considered contrary to international law, Ernst noted. “The next measure, which we are also discussing, is to raise this issue at the UN level. And then, perhaps, to file complaints with the relevant courts. And then we’ll see what they decide,” he warned.

A few days earlier, representatives of 24 of the 27 EU countries sent a “note of protest” to the U.S. State Department over sanctions that Washington is trying to prevent the completion of the pipeline, reported the German newspaper Die Welt.

The EU stressed that such sanctions violate international law.

Die Welt said it was not yet known which three states opposed the U.S. sanctions.

According to the newspaper, the content of the note of protest is connected with the statement of the EU representative for foreign and security policy Josep Borrell, who called the extraterritorial application of sanctions a violation of international law. The EU is confident that “third countries” should not use restrictive measures against European companies that conduct legitimate business. “European policy should be determined in Europe,” the representatives of the EU countries said.

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Josep Borrell noted in July that the European Union opposes unilateral sanctions by the United States, including the Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream projects. “I am very concerned about the increasing number of cases of sanctions or threats of sanctions by the United States against European companies and their interests. We see this trend with regard to Iran, Cuba, and more recently with regard to Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream,” the diplomat said.

A similar statement was made last December from the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. On behalf of the EC, she spoke “categorically against” United States sanctions against Nord Stream 2. “The European Commission is categorically against imposing sanctions on European companies that participate in the project in accordance with legal norms,” Der Spiegel quoted her as saying.

Nord Stream 2 is a project in which two strands of a gas pipeline are being built at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Fuel is planned to be delivered to Germany through the maritime territories of Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. According to the latest data, the pipeline has been completed by more than 90%.

Washington opposes this construction because it is interested in promoting its liquefied natural gas to the European market.

The United States first imposed sanctions over the pipeline’s construction last year. Restrictive measures were included in the country’s defense budget for fiscal year 2020.

Now both houses of Congress want to repeat this experience in the defense budget for fiscal year 2021. The Senate and the House of Representatives intend to impose sanctions against companies that are engaged in the laying of pipes “North Stream 2” as well as provide insurance and equipment services to ships.