URGENT: North Korea Launches Two Ballistic Nuclear Missiles

North Korea Launches Two Ballistic Nuclear Missiles

The DPRK launched two ballistic missiles, CNN reported, citing a senior US official.

US intelligence estimates that North Korea launched two ballistic missiles on March 25, an official told the television channel.

As the channel notes, the US military and intelligence are analyzing the launch data to determine which type of missile was launched and how far.

The Japanese Defense Ministry previously reported that a missile, presumably a ballistic missile, was launched from North Korea on Thursday morning. It fell outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone and did no damage to the country.

In turn, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea announced the launch of at least one projectile by the DPRK towards the Sea of ​​Japan, the type of projectile has not yet been specified. The Japanese authorities are collecting data and analyzing the situation after the launch of the missile by Pyongyang.

If a ballistic missile launch is officially confirmed, it will be the first such launch this year and the second overall. Previous launches were made by the DPRK on March 21. Then in the direction of the Yellow Sea of ​​the DPRK from the province of Pyongannam-do, two cruise missiles were fired.

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The missile launches were confirmed by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

“North Korea launched two ballistic missiles some time ago. We confirmed that they fell outside the exclusive economic zone of our country, ”he said.
According to the Japanese prime minister, “the missile launchers, carried out for the first time in a year, pose a threat to the security of the region and Japan, and also violate UN Security Council resolutions.”

The range of ballistic missiles can exceed 5,000 km, and they can carry nuclear warheads.