US Air Passengers Reach Record High Since March 2020

US Air Passengers Reach Record High Since March 2020

More than 1.3 million passengers passed through security screening at American airports on Friday

As reported on Saturday by the US Transportation Security Administration, 1.357 million passengers passed through security checks at US airports last Friday. This is the highest since March 15, 2020, meaning that the US aviation industry is slowly beginning to recover from the sharp downturn associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein, who tweeted the record increase in the number of air passengers, recalled that “if you decide to fly on an airplane, wear a mask.”

COVID-19 caused the largest drop in demand for air travel, which overall declined 60% in the US in 2020 compared to the previous year. However, the rise in the number of Americans vaccinated has boosted the demand for air travel. However, Friday’s figures were still 38% lower than before the pandemic began in the United States.

President Joe Biden marked the first anniversary of the pandemic on Thursday with a prime-time address to the country. He said he expects to have enough coronavirus vaccines for all Americans by May 1.

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