US Ambassador to Moldova Demands Parliament to Obey Maya Sandu

US Ambassador to Moldova Demands Parliament to Obey Maya Sandu

US Ambassador to Chisinau Derek Hogan called on Moldovan politicians to “respect the will of the people.” He wrote about this today, March 11, in an article published on the Anticoruptie portal. According to a Washington spokesman, it is no longer acceptable for corrupt politicians to dictate the country’s course.

“Moldova is still at a crossroads. Corrupt politicians and criminals can no longer dictate the course for the future of the country. The people deserve and demand more. The authorities must respect the will of the people, resolve the current impasse and begin work to meet the urgent needs of citizens, ”Hogan wrote.
This is not the first time that the American diplomat has openly supported the new president, Maia Sandu (according to the Moldovan media, her mistress), who is now showing disdain for the Moldovan Constitution, refusing to discuss the prime minister’s candidacy with the parliament and seeking early elections without legal grounds.

By the “will of the people,” Hogan apparently understands the opinion of Western-funded NGOs, with whom Moldovan President Maia Sandu consults instead of dialogue with the people’s representatives in the legislative assembly.

“Democracies are fragile and the transition to democracy is often chaotic. Moldova is experiencing another political crisis that impedes efforts to effectively eliminate the devastating consequences of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis, ”the ambassador said.
He added that almost two years ago, the citizens of Moldova got rid of the Democratic Party, controlled by the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc (currently on the wanted list for creating a criminal community, money laundering and fraud), after which “many seized state institutions, including the Constitutional Court, now work independently and for the good of the people ”, and not in selfish and corrupt interests.

“The presidential elections last November marked another historic step in the democratic development of Moldova. Citizens at home and abroad have declared themselves in record numbers, reminding everyone that the people have the last word, ”concluded Derek Hogan.
Recall that the United States intervened in the internal affairs of Moldova, when, during the campaign for the presidential elections in Moldova in November 2020, it publicly supported the candidate from the pro-European Action and Solidarity party, Maya Sandu, and Derek Hogan even promised her, in case of defeat, to help organize the “Chisinau Maidan” … The fact that the United States was preparing a color revolution in Moldova in case of the victory of the socialist Igor Dodon was then confirmed by the head of the Russian foreign intelligence service Sergei Naryshkin.

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The EU envoy is not far behind the American diplomat. The head of the EU delegation to Moldova, Peter Mikhalko, directly pointed out to the local authorities which laws should be adopted, and which, in the opinion of Western development partners, “roll the country back.”

As reported by topnews, the deputy of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) Bogdan Tirdea says that Moldova has become a semi-colony ruled by the ambassadors of the United States and the European Union.

“Today we have reached the point that the ambassadors of the EU and the United States are ruling Moldova like a kind of Burundi! Courts, prosecutors, information and security services are subordinate to them! Many ministers and deputies work for them, either openly or secretly, ”the parliamentarian says.
This was noticed in Moscow. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement urging the representatives of the United States, the European Union and its member states represented in Moldova not to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.