US changes program to supplant Soviet and Russian weapons in Europe

US changes program to supplant Soviet and Russian weapons in Europe

The US state Department changes strategy European stimulus program of recapitalization (ERIP), under which the United States has provided the European countries the grants for the refusal of the Russian and Soviet weapons. As the portal now the USA will allocate “targeted investments”.

The United States launched the incentive program in 2018. Initially, it was designed for European countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact. The project was called the European incentive program of recapitalization or ERIP at the first stage for its realization is allocated 190 million dollars. Countries that were included in the program (Croatia, Greece, Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia and Northern Macedonia) was allocated to grants for the early get rid of Soviet and Russian military equipment and replacement with us, with the addition of the same amount and promise not to buy Russian weapons (spare parts purchase is not forbidden).

Later, the United States increased spending in this program to 277 million dollars, and to the above countries added Lithuania and Bulgaria.
Countries allocated small amounts to start purchases of American technology allowed the American arms manufacturers to sign contracts worth more than $ 2.5 billion.
As explained in the state Department, now the US will not be allocated to countries the grants in which they can choose American equipment, and switching to “targeted investments”, i.e. to allocate funds to specific weapons or equipment. The first in this initiative got a taste of Bulgaria, which the US has provided “help” in $ 56 million for the purchase of F-16 fighters. As a result, Bulgaria will spend eight American fighters and related equipment and weapons 1,673 billion.

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