US companies speak out in support of protesters

US companies speak out in support of protesters

Netflix, Google, Citibank, Target, and a number of other companies made statements against racism.

American business usually prefers not to comment on the protests, but this time many decided to speak out.

A number of technology, banking, fashion, and show business companies have issued statements in support of demonstrators protesting police violence against African Americans.

Protests began after the death of African-American George Floyd when he was detained by white policemen in Minneapolis.

The streaming service Netflix tweeted that “silence is tantamount to complicity,” and added that he considers it his duty to speak out for African-American employees at the company.

A message appeared on the main page of the Google search engine: “We support racial equality and everyone who strives for it.”

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has appeared in the official Twitter account (Blacks’ lives matter).

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called on employees to “fight for change in the company and in society,” along with him and the rest of the technology giant.

“Racism continues to be at the root of so much pain and ugliness in our society,” wrote Citibank CFO, African American Mark Mason, on his blog. “As long as this is true, the ideals of freedom and equality honored by America are unattainable.”

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A major retailer Target, whose stores across the country were looted, also made a comment. The head of the company, whose headquarters is located in Minneapolis, noted that the death of Floyd led to the splashing out of the “accumulating pain over the years.”

Nike tweeted a video in support of protesters with the text: “Don’t turn a blind eye to racism. Do not put up with the fact that the lives of innocents are being taken from us. Do not make more excuses. ” Nike rival Adidas reposted this tweet.