US court decides to release children from detention centers

US court decides to release children from detention centers

Los Angeles federal judge Dolly G. ordered the release of migrant children in three temporary detention centers by July 17 due to an outbreak of new coronavirus infection, the New York Times reported citing the decision.
It is noted that the relevant regulation applies to children who are more than 20 days in centers under the control of the US Immigration and Customs (ICE), two of which are located in Texas and one in Pennsylvania. According to the decree, on June 8 they contained 124 children.
The judge also criticized the administration of US President Donald Trump for improper compliance with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
As a result, Judge G. ruled that the ICE should promptly release the children, either with their parents or with guardians, with parental consent.
According to the publication, a total of about 2,500 migrants located in temporary detention centers under the control of ICE have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection.
According to Johns Hopkins University, which summarizes data from federal and local authorities, as well as media and other open sources, for the entire time in the United States recorded 2,467,510 cases of coronavirus infection and 125,045 deaths. It is noted that over 663 thousand people recovered.