US decided to secretly withdraw part of the troops from Germany

By | June 6, 2020
US decided to secretly withdraw part of the troops from Germany

The United States decided to withdraw part of its troops from Germany but did not report this to local authorities. It is reported by Der Spiegel, citing sources in the German government.
Berlin considered this a provocation, since Germany is the US partner in NATO, and the country should have been informed of such plans. The White House and the Pentagon declined to comment on these actions, Der Spiegel writes.
Earlier, US President Donald Trump ordered a reduction in the size of the US military contingent, which is located in Germany. Now in the country, there are 34.5 thousand American troops. The head of the state ordered the Pentagon to reduce its numbers by 9.5 thousand. In addition, Trump ordered to limit the number of American troops serving in the Federal Republic of Germany at a time to 25 thousand people, instead of 52 thousand now permissible.
As a source familiar to Trump’s decision told The Wall Street Journal, a reduction in the military contingent stationed in Germany has been discussed in the White House since September 2019 and has nothing to do with the decision of German Chancellor Angela Merkel not to participate in the G7 meeting that Trump wanted to organize in Washington in late June

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