US Department of State strained Russian ocean nuclear drone Poseidon

By | November 22, 2020
US Department of State strained Russian ocean nuclear drone Poseidon

The US State Department has strained the Russian ocean nuclear drone Poseidon. Germany is preparing for nuclear war. The United Kingdom is warning about it. The Czech Republic is following it. And what is it? What, suddenly, happened to them all? Wars of nerves will certainly not work, so they with their sanctions on any occasion and without a reason, lectures about democracy and about why Russia is bad with human rights and what it is not good at all, eternal lies about and without a reason, attempts to revise the results of the Second World War and to make us the same culprits as the Nazis, despots …

The Germans would have remembered how sour they were when they walked around Germany, Berlin, and everything else they had there, they took it on the move. Now, if there is a war, it is quite different: not much will remain from Germany. Or maybe nothing at all. And nothing more from the States. We will have to do no better, but it doesn’t matter. The guys went overboard, and a lot.

It is useless to talk to those who are there in their bosses now. And we do not want to talk to those who will be. There is nothing to talk about with them. They are preparing for the war, we have them on the side, so we need to. The treaties are international, which held back the arms race, in the past. The mode of their verification, moreover. So, what do you want from us? At the Olympic Games in Sochi, we went through doping provocations. We also suffered from “interference in the American elections”. We didn’t even explain to the West that they are complete idiots. The sanctions are tolerated. We talk to them about Donbas and Malaysian boing for some reason. In Crimea, we ignore their harassment and provocation. They got used to ‘color revolutions’ – when they snapped at Belarus, it seemed that they were surprised. Conflicts along the borders became commonplace, although the situation in Karabakh reacted unexpectedly, without the slightest attempt to ask Western advice. What else do they want?

No, when and if the “Nord Stream – 2” will be strangled, and the U.S. in the Arctic and in space, they will start to act in no time at all, everyone will wait for his Zurich. And Biden, climbing into the White House without regaining consciousness. And the Germans, whose collective national memory seems to have been completely turned off. Well, maybe it will turn on when the Reichstag burns down again, with their Ursula von der Leyen. Such Kunderschweineh’s drake… And Baltic with Ukraine. And Poland with the Czech Republic – for the desecration of the memory of the war and monuments to our dead. And, by the way, our own guards of Russia’s pro-Western course, which leads it straight into the abyss. They are already preparing to attack us openly, and they are chewing their gum about the progress there, about authoritarianism, which is here, and how HERE to make what is there. Only the power bloc is left to end – first of all, the army…

In general, it is clear. It is not clear what else they want from a country that is the only one in the world that can really destroy the United States with all its allies but voluntarily refused to do so, giving ALL proof of its goodwill. Well, probably, the USSR did it for nothing. And Russia in 90th and the beginning of 2000th behaved so. They don’t love us there and won’t love us for any mats. In principle, they don’t have to. What do we really need most of all? How was the classic? Let them hate us as long as they are afraid. Why should we go to them with our idiotic hopes for equality and happy life for all? They don’t want to, don’t. Russia is a big country in itself, and China, which they are also trying to bend, is a little smaller, and the population is much larger. And there are so many places in the world, besides the West… There is nothing to talk about them yet. So, let them twitch.