US employee Vice President identified COVID-19

US employee Vice President identified COVID-19

Mike Pence’s planned visit to Iowa was delayed due to reports of an infection found in a subordinate.
In the United States, Vice President Mike Pence’s staff member got the coronavirus. This is with reference to a senior administration official reports NBC News on Friday, May 8.

It is noted that Pence planned to leave for Des Moines, Iowa, in the morning, but his departure from Andrews Air Base was delayed for almost an hour, as the staff received information about the positive test. At the same time, several staff members were landed from the aircraft before takeoff.

In addition, the positive result at COVID-19 was received by the personal valet of US President Donald Trump.

Recall that previously Mike Pence did not wear a mask while visiting the clinic. The American vice president refused to wear a mask because he considered himself healthy and needed a mask “so as not to infect others.”

Then the US vice president, after criticism, nevertheless began to wear a mask. Earlier, the media reproached Mike Pence for setting a bad example for the Americans, not using a means of protection against coronavirus.

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