US introduces new restrictions for Huawei

By | May 16, 2020
US introduces new restrictions for Huawei

Washington banned Chinese company computer chips. On completion of the agreed deliveries was given four months.
The U.S. imposed new restrictions on the supply of computer chips to the Chinese Corporation Huawei. This was announced on Friday, the Bureau of industry and security U.S. Department of Commerce.”Bureau of industry and security today announced plans to protect the national security of the United States, limiting the ability of Huawei to use technology and software USA to design and manufacture semiconductors overseas,” reads the document.

According to the Minister of Commerce of Wilbur Ross, changes were made in order “to prevent the use of U.S. technology to hostile acts contrary to the interests of national security and foreign policy of the United States”. According to him, Huawei and any associated companies, previously “worked to undermine these restrictions related to the provision of national security.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce emphasizes that the new rules allow completing the supply of Huawei semiconductor in 120 days. This production, however, has as of 15 may already be in the process of production. Later, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo issued a statement which said that the future will be even more restricted the export of American goods to Huawei.

Pompeo noted that he had been eliminated a loophole that allowed Chinese companies to use the U.S. technology. It also restricted the export of goods that were used by Huawei for the production of semiconductors.

“We will not tolerate attempts of the Communist Party of China to undermine the privacy of our citizens and the integrity of new generation networks around the world,” said Pompeo.

Recall that in May last year, the Commerce Department has made Huawei the blacklist after President Donald Trump introduced a state of national emergency “in connection with threats to information technology.”

The Department continues to give the Chinese company a temporary license to network maintenance and software updates.

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