US landing ship enters the Black Sea

US landing ship enters the Black Sea

Onboard the Oak Hill are the Marines of the 26th Expeditionary Force Marine and the personnel of the assault landing force.
The USS Oak Hill (LSD-51), an American landing ship dock, entered the Black Sea on Thursday evening and joined the USS Porter DDG78 missile destroyer. This was announced on the eve of the Sixth Fleet of the United States. It is indicated that the Marines of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Force and the personnel of the assault landing force are on board Oak Hill.

Oak Hill’s operations along with the USS Porter destroyer in the Black Sea provide us with yet another opportunity to improve maritime safety and expand our engagement with regional partners, ”said Bataan Lance Loescher, commander of the amphibious combat group.

It is known that Oak Hill was introduced into the U.S. Navy in June 1996. The total displacement of more than 19 thousand tons, length 186 meters, width 26, draft 6.5 meters. Speed ​​- 25 knots.

This ship is capable of taking on board 500 marines who can land on shore with the help of 15 small hovercraft. In addition, it is possible to place on board two Abrams tanks.

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This is the third entry into the Black Sea of ​​this ship. He first visited the region in 1997 and in 2018. The last time Oak Hill took part in the Spring Storm 2018 military exercises.