US plans to accuse China of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine technology

US plans to accuse China of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine technology

Earlier, we and British intelligence agencies warned that research institutions work COVID-19, are attractive targets for hackers

WASHINGTON – IN a joint warning, which, presumably will be made in the coming days, the FBI and the Department of homeland security, the U.S. plans to publicly accuse China in an attempt to steal information on U.S. research related to developing vaccines against coronavirus, treatments, and tests.

The head of the company Redpoint Cybersecurity TEB Bradshaw, which is part of the working group of the Ministry of internal security for the exchange of best information, confirmed the planned warning in an interview with “Voice of America”.

“I think it should happen, he said. It is a political move designed to indicate to the Chinese Communist government and state in the world that they are actively trying to steal American technology.”

The FBI declined to comment on this information. The Department of homeland security did not respond to a request for comment.

The public accusation of China in attempts to steal proprietary research related to vaccines from COVID-19 is likely to lead to increased tensions between Washington and Beijing.

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The expected statement of the two American agencies followed a joint warning to American and British officials from the sphere of cybersecurity.

Us Agency for cybersecurity and infrastructure protection and the British national cybersecurity center said they are investigating a number of incidents associated with pharmaceutical companies, medical research organizations, and universities.

“Organizations involved in research related COVID-19, are attractive targets for hackers who want to obtain information for research work in their own countries related to the cure COVID-19, – reads the statement of the authorities of the two countries.