US police dispersed Seattle “autonomous zone”

By | July 1, 2020
US police dispersed Seattle

After almost a month, the city authorities decided to disperse the protesters, who took control of a plot in the city center.
Seattle police detained at least 13 people during the crackdown on the so-called “autonomous zone.” This was reported locally by the police department on Twitter on Wednesday, July 1. On the night of July 1, city mayor Jenny Durkan issued a decree, after which the police began the elimination of the “zone”. According to the police, this was necessary due to the fact that recently in the skirmishes inside the “autonomous zone” and next to it two teenagers were killed, several people were injured.

The sweeping operation began early in the morning, with up to 100 police officers involved.

The decree of the mayor assumes that all protesters who are in the “autonomous zone” violate the emergency regime.

Recall that the demonstrators previously announced in the central area of ​​Seattle “autonomous zone.” Later, they occupied an abandoned police station. Some of the protesters demanded that the city police be disbanded, as well as an end to the infringement of the rights of black people.

President Donald Trump said the city was captured by “domestic terrorists.”