US prisons start releasing prisoners because of coronavirus

US prisons start releasing prisoners because of coronavirus

American prisons began to release prisoners to prevent an outbreak of coronavirus. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

It is specified that only those prisoners who have committed crimes of a small degree of severity, as well as minors, the elderly and the sick, are sent to freedom. So, criminals have already begun to release prisons in California, New York, Texas and in at least ten other states.

A judge in the state of Ohio stated that institutions did not open doors and did not allow prisoners to leave. The courts themselves look for non-dangerous criminals and look at cases in high-risk prisons.

The newspaper also writes that in several states correctional staff became infected with the coronavirus. This led to quarantine among prisoners.

According to a project by Johns Hopkins University, in the United States a coronavirus was detected in 33.3 thousand people, 390 people died. In total, more than 336 thousand cases of infection were recorded in the world, over 14 thousand people died, over 98 thousand were cured.

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