US refuses to lift sanctions on coronavirus-infected Iran

US refuses to lift sanctions on coronavirus-infected Iran

Despite the fact that Iran is one of the countries that suffered most from the coronavirus in the Middle East, the United States intends to increase pressure on Tehran.
According to a report by Reuters, the United States sent Iran a message this week: the spread of the coronavirus will not save him from the U.S. sanctions, which limit oil revenue and insulate the economy of the country.
According to Washington, the American campaign of “maximum pressure” aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear and missile programs, and activities of Iran in the Middle East, does not prevent the flow of humanitarian goods to the Islamic Republic.
We will remind you that this week the US imposed against Iran new sanctions that affected 12 companies. All of them are outside most of the Islamic Republic. Five of them are based in the United Arab Emirates, three in mainland China, three in Hong Kong and one in South Africa.

Caught in the sanctions list of the company’s traded products of the petrochemical industry of Iran.
In comments to the Agency official representative of Iran called the increased pressure from the United States a crime against humanity.
The whole world should help each other in overcoming this disease
he said.
Despite calls from the international community, US special envoy for Iranian Affairs Brian hook said that Washington’s policy of providing maximum pressure on Tehran would continue.
We will remind, at the moment in Iran was nearly 20 thousand cases of infection COVID-19, the number of deaths is approaching 1500.

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