US resume military exercises in EU despite pandemic

US resume military exercises in EU despite pandemic

The Allied Spirit exercises with the participation of the US military are planned to be held at a training ground in northwestern Poland.
The US Army will begin training in Europe in June despite the coronavirus pandemic, US Army Command in Europe said.
All safeguards will be taken into account to protect the health of the military participating in the exercises. The Allied Spirit maneuvers, which will take place in Poland with the participation of thousands of Polish troops, are a smaller version of Defender Europe 2020 exercises, which were supposed to be the largest in Europe since graduation Cold War, but were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Allied Spirit exercises will be held from June 5 to 19 at the Dravsko-Pomorsk training ground in northwestern Poland. They will receive about six thousand Americans and two thousand Polish troops.
In March, the Pentagon ordered that troops be transferred to Europe to leave for the Defender Europe 2020 exercises because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Defender Europe 2020 exercises were to be attended by 20 thousand US troops.
At the time the Pentagon decided to cancel the exercises, about six thousand troops were sent to Europe. Up to 90% of all military equipment, which was supposed to be transferred to the region, was then loaded on ships and planes.
Reportedly, Norway has stopped large-scale international Cold Response NATO exercises due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

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