US severs relations with WHO – Trump

By | May 29, 2020
US severs relations with WHO - Trump

Washington will redirect approximately $ 450 million a year to other urgent health needs around the world.
US President Donald Trump has announced the severance of US relations with the World Health Organization. He said this during a briefing at the White House on Friday, May 29. As Trump noted, his administration had previously “reported what reforms should be implemented” at WHO. “But they refused to do it,” the American leader added.

According to Trump, the United States “is breaking all ties with the WHO today.” Washington intends to divert to other urgent health needs around the world funds in the amount of approximately $ 450 million per year, which previously allocated to WHO.

Recall, on May 19, Trump put forward an ultimatum to WHO. Then he warned the organization that if in 30 days it does not fulfill Washington’s requirements, the States will finally stop financing the structure and revise its membership.

Earlier in April, Trump instructed his administration to suspend contributions to the WHO while it was reviewing its work.

The US president called WHO “pro-Chinese” and accused her of hiding data on the spread of coronavirus.

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