USA: China Compensates Coronavirus Losses

By | March 28, 2020
USA: China Compensates Coronavirus Losses

On the question of the robbery of China in the American elite achieved a bipartisan consensus. By the way, it’s quite an unpleasant surprise for the Chinese leadership, which I thought Joe Biden almost as their candidate.
The United States 27 Mar 2020 came out on top in the world in the number of infected with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The number of people infected in the country has exceeded 85 thousand people. More than half of the cases occur in the state of new york. We are talking only about the official data. The real number of infected Americans may be much higher.

The New York Times published an interview with an emergency doctor one of new York’s hospitals Colin Smith: hospitals lack not only equipment for ventilation, but the basic means of protection.

However, not only the state of New York and the whole country was not ready for a pandemic coronavirus. The U.S. conference of mayors conducted a brief survey of cities in terms of the degree requirements vital protective equipment and supplies.

Responses to this survey were received on March 24 of the 213 cities in 41 states and Puerto Rico. The population of these cities ranges from less than 2 thousand to 3.8 million people in six urban population of over one million people in 45 cities population below 50 thousand people. In the cities-participants of the survey only home to 42 million people. The analysis of the responses to the survey questions shows the following: 91,5% (192) the city did not have an adequate supply of facial masks for their employees first aid (including police, fire, and ambulance) and medical personnel, of 88.2% (186) have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment, in addition to masks, to protect these employees, 92.1% of (186) do not have a sufficient number of test cases.
USA: China Compensates Coronavirus Losses
According to this survey, 85% (164) the city did not have an adequate supply of ventilators for use by medical institutions in their city or area was 62.4% (131) is not received from your state emergency equipment or supplies. Of those cities that receive assistance from your state, 84,6% (66) reported that it is insufficient to meet their needs.

The economic consequences of the crisis, caused by a coronavirus, for the United States, can accept the catastrophic character. The most vulnerable in this case is small business America, and it provides 85% of jobs in the country. The pandemic could wipe out all the achievements of the presidency of Donald Trump in the economy that will affect the outcome of the forthcoming presidential elections.

Thus, there is a very sad picture. To remedy the situation, the US President Donald Trump signed on March 27, the law which determines the largest package of measures to stimulate the U.S. economy worth $ 2 trillion in response to the pandemic coronavirus.

According to this law, the U.S. government will provide direct payments and unemployment benefits for individuals, funding for States and a huge Fund to help businesses affected by the crisis. The Federal Reserve, in turn, will buy debt obligations of U.S. companies in the amount of four trillion dollars.

However, it is not all economic measures by which the military-political leadership of the United States is going to resolve the existing problem. Agreed that China compensates the losses from the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 American companies and the U.S. budget.

The government of the people’s Republic of China has filed a lawsuit with accusations of deliberate and self-silencing problems of coronavirus in the first phase of the epidemic. The lawsuit states that because of these actions of the Chinese government of U.S. companies in foreign trade suffered heavy losses, compensation which shall be vested with the PRC.

That is interesting. The lawsuit was filed by two major law firms the USA: Lucas-Compton serving the campaign of Donald Trump, and Berman Law Group, one of which heads is Francis Biden, the brother of Joe Biden, candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Democratic party and main rival of Donald Trump in the presidential election.
USA: China Compensates Coronavirus Losses
The composition of the claim clearly indicates that the issue of the robbery of China in the American elite achieved a bipartisan consensus. By the way, it’s quite an unpleasant surprise for the Chinese leadership, which I thought Joe Biden almost as their candidate. The amount of the claim to China is still calculated, but there is no doubt that we are talking about trillions of dollars. Important detail. In the practice of law, there is the concept of “measures to secure the claim”. To ensure the recovery of damages from the Chinese government may be seized the property of the Chinese state-run companies in the USA.

In addition, China invested in US government bonds in the amount of approximately $ 1.1 trillion. Simply freeze all operations with these securities. We must understand that the Chinese government has little chance to win in court. The US has already done its national law, cross-border, and the US Treasury enforces economic sanctions against foreign citizens, companies and whole countries.

In this situation, we should expect a closer rapprochement between China and Russia. And countries have something to offer each other. For example, Beijing could replace all the oil it buys from Saudi Arabia with Russian. Thus, amid falling global oil demand, a strong blow will be inflicted on Saudi Arabia, the US puppet, as well as a blow to the dominance of the dollar as a world currency.

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