USA declassified reports of pilots “Theodore Roosevelt”

By | May 15, 2020
USA declassified reports of pilots

The combat squadrons of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt were several times seen in the sky by unidentified flying objects. This ship has recently been notorious for the flare of COVID-19 on board. The USA declassified reports of pilots.

Ex-pilot of the F / A-18 Super Hornet fighter, Lieutenant Ryan Graves from the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, spoke about the amazing phenomenon that he observed in 2019. During the next departure, he saw an object that looked like a “sphere in which a cube is enclosed.” This happened near the city of Virginia Beach.

Five years earlier, in March 2014, over the Atlantic in approximately the same sector, pilots had already seen UFOs. Then they described them as a silver object “about the size of a suitcase.” According to radar, it was about 300 meters from the plane.

In total, the US Navy published eight reports of “dangerous situations” that occurred with pilots of military aircraft from June 27, 2013, to February 13, 2019.

Pilot reports were published by the New York Times. The material says that the observations of the pilots if desired can be given an earthly explanation. ”

Earlier, the same newspaper reported a repeated outbreak of COVID-19 on the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. The first happened back in March. After that, the sailors spent two weeks in quarantine, which took place on the island of Guam, and then returned to the ship. After that, some of them developed symptoms of coronavirus infection. Five infected and 20 people who came into contact with them were evacuated from the vessel.

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