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Valve explains the delay in Half-Life 3 as “dumb”

The founder of Valve, Gabe Newell explained why his company has not been a long released games Half-Life series. The interview with Newell is available on the YouTube channel edition IGN.

On the question of the development of a series of games and Half-Life 3, the head of Valve said that the Studio is not looking for financial performance, as their game needs to perform certain functions. “Maybe we’re too stupid, so I didn’t release a new part,” said Newell. According to him, the release of the new part of the cult series could easily improve the financial performance of the company
Also the head Valve has said that his team is not playing by the rules of the industry and really wants to get feedback, even negative, from the new game Half-Life: Alyx: “We want to know whether the direction we are moving”. He said that the market for VR is very limited, so Valve needs the feedback of gamers in the future to release a new project based on virtual reality.

In early March, developer Valve’s Robin Walker said that the company intends to develop a series of Half-Life. On the question of whether the Studio will ever release Half-Life 3, Walker answered evasively. According to him, many in the team hope the game Alyx will not be the last.

Half-Life: Episode Two is the last game of the series, it was released in October 2007. For a long time in the gaming community, there were rumors about the release of Half-Life 3, which was supposed to be the final game of the series and to answer all the plot questions, but they were not confirmed.

Release the game Half-Life: Alyx, which will be available exclusively on VR headsets, will be held on March 23. The play is dedicated to creating resistance Alyx and Eli, the story will evolve between the first and second parts of the series. March 2, Valve showed the gameplay on your YouTube channel.

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