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Venus will turn the heads of Taurus and Libra

The end of March is a time of unexpected discoveries. One of these will be the love that “pierces” the hearts of Taurus and Libra on Saturday. Amorous affairs to the Zodiacs will be provided by the Moon-Venus connection, which will make them the best zodiac pair at the end of the month.

Venus, as the governing planet of this double, will increase the emotionality of “its” signs, which will be amplified by the influence of the growing moon. Such an effect promises a violent reaction that will turn the heads of Taurus and Libra. Representatives of these signs are extremely loving, and the second half for them is of great importance. Therefore, the union of these signs at the end of March promises to be insane and beautiful. There will be everything: happiness, success, passion, and delight. But only if these zodiacs are together.

Perhaps Libra will experience some difficulties in trying to win the heart of Taurus, but do not despair. The help of friends and insight is what will surely help them get closer to their chosen one this weekend. The main thing is not to go-to tricks, to act openly and confidently. Taurus loves peace and reliability.

Taurus, in principle, is affectionate and attentive, and therefore easily gains the balance of Libra. The only nuance can be “veal” pride. No, nobody will trample it, but Libra has enough dramas – I want other feelings too. But Taurus is also not stupid and therefore will make the right choice, creating comfortable conditions for themselves and the second half, which will give Libra the long-awaited harmony and balance.

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