Video compromising on Dodon: impeachment started in Moldova

By | May 18, 2020
Video compromising on Dodon: impeachment started in Moldova

The opposition said that at least one-third of 101 deputies could support the impeachment initiative.
In Moldova, the opposition announced its intention to initiate the impeachment process of President Igor Dodon if the Prosecutor General confirms the authenticity of the video with the participation of a person similar to Dodon. On Monday, May 18, said the vice-president of the parliament from the opposition party Platform Dignity and Truth, Alexander Slusar, Moldovan media reported.

“What is shown (in the videoed.) It is very serious – we will study this video in detail. We are waiting for the prosecutor to give an answer to these allegations. After the technical analysis of the video, we will take action in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution to remove the president from positions, “said Slusar.

At the same time, it is noted that at least one-third of 101 deputies may take the initiative to impeach. At their request, the president must provide clarification on the charges against him. If the parliament approves the impeachment initiative, then within 30 days it is necessary to initiate a referendum on the resignation of the head of state.

Earlier it was reported that a video was published with compromising evidence on President Igor Dodon. In a published video, he allegedly receives packages of money from the Russian Federation to finance the Party of Socialists. In response to the allegations, Igor Dodon wrote on his Facebook page that he did not know about the contents of the package, and the video itself was a fake.

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