A video of the process of creating the Iron Man costume blew up TikTok!

A video of the process of creating the Iron Man costume blew up TikTok!

You think getting millions of views and likes for a TikTok video is impossible! Not at all, the example of Emily Yarid proves it. You can’t say that fame and success came to this girl for nothing. She had to work hard with her hands, but she has no regrets, because the process of creating the Iron Man costume was interesting and exciting for her, although it took the last seven years. Emily started working on it in 2013 and continues to this day, making countless improvements.

It all started as almost child’s play. She loved making something beautiful with her hands. And it was great! You’d be surprised, but this approach allowed her to avoid boredom all along. In her free time away from college, the girl worked on the costume, making it better and better. But it became truly realistic when she got a 3D printer. Emily began printing parts of the costume on it. Then, machining them, dyeing them in new colors. She made and remade.

But it didn’t just work for work’s sake, it was work for results. And now it was her finest hour. The process of recording the video and uploading it to the Web coincided with her graduation ceremony. The five-minute Yarid graduate arrived to receive her diploma, unaware that her TikTok video was getting the most views and likes. She found out about it when she opened the app at the ceremony itself-her video had garnered several million views at the time.
A video of the process of creating the Iron Man costume blew up TikTok!
It has now been viewed 63 million times, and the number of likes under it has reached 14. The costume is really interesting. The helmet is equipped with an automatic closing mechanism, it has glowing eyes and an arc reactor area. At the press of a button, the wings on the back open, and when you lower your wrist, a beam of light bursts out of your hand. Emily is pleased with her success at TikTok but is even more thankful that working on the Iron Man costume has brought her into contact with interesting people and allowed her to get a number of interesting internships.

Emily says that’s the way to live – interesting and exciting!

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