Virgin Galactic unveils new spacecraft

Virgin Galactic unveils new spacecraft

The company noted that the Imagine SpaceShip III spacecraft is more advanced than previous models in terms of possible “flight frequency” as well as its maintenance.
British billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic unveiled the new Imagine SpaceShip III on Tuesday. This is stated in a statement published on Tuesday on the firm’s website.

As noted by its representatives, the new spacecraft is more perfect than previous models in terms of the possible “flight frequency”, as well as its maintenance. Employees of the company are expected to begin testing Imagine in the near future. He should take off over the state of New Mexico this summer. Virgin Galactic is also currently working on the second spacecraft of this series. It was named Inspire.

As you can see in the published photos, Imagine outwardly differs little from the Unity SpaceShipTwo series spacecraft. One of the differences in the mirror finish of the Imagine case. It provides protection against overheating, Virgin Galactic noted.

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The company said it is still planning its next Unity test flight in May. A carrier plane with a spacecraft attached to the bottom will rise into the air. During the flight, Unity, which is expected to have two pilots on board, must detach from the aircraft and start its engine.

The spacecraft under development by Virgin Galactic are intended for regular tourist suborbital flights.