Virtual tour of the halls of the Toyota Automobile Museum

Virtual tour of the halls of the Toyota Automobile Museum

The history of the Japanese automobile brand Toyota has many glorious pages. But many do not even suspect that the company is a successful racing car designer. However, in the Toyota Museum, you can trace the development of this sector from the first specimen intended for racing to state-of-the-art cars in the F1 category.

The Toyota Motorsport Biography: Everlasting Challenge Spirit exhibition allows you to plunge into the world of the company’s racing cars. It takes place offline, which allows you to more fully experience its unique atmosphere. However, it will not be easy for foreign tourists to visit the exposition due to the current restrictions on coronavirus. But the organizers still managed to find a solution to this problem and launched a virtual tour of the halls of the Toyota Automobile Museum.

The tour takes only a few minutes but is very informative. The user gets the opportunity to thoroughly study the cars that have become legends of motorsport. These include models such as the Toyota Aichi, which became the brand’s first racing model, the S30 Toyota Crown, produced specifically for heavy rallying in the 50s of the last century, the 2000GT sports car that set three world speed records, the TF109 car built for Formula One. The exhibition will not leave anyone indifferent!

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Such exhibitions are very important and necessary for those who are interested in history and want to learn something new about familiar things. The virtual exhibition is available for visiting until April 11 this year.