Von der Leyen about “Nord Stream – 2”: Highly political project

By | September 21, 2020
Von der Leyen about

European Commission President Ursula von der Leien called the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline “a highly political project”.

The head of the EC gave interviews to three newspapers – Polish Rzeczpospolita, British Financial Times, and Spanish La Repubblica. The press focused on the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline, which Poland is actively protesting against. At first, Ursula von der Leyen spent the Polish journalist, saying it was “a highly political project.

“Those who thought of this enterprise as a purely economic project were wrong and vain hopes that Russia could be “propitiated” through the gas pipeline and trade. Yes, it is a political project. And no, it will not change Russia’s behavior,” von der Leyen said.
However, when asked whether the European Commission should seek to block Nord Stream 2, its chairman evaded the answer.

“It mysteriously suggested “to consider the issue of the gas pipeline in a political context,” says the Polish edition wprost.pl.
EADaily adds that today the Nord Stream – 2 gas pipeline completion is linked to the Navalny case. The day before, Angela Merkel’s potential successor as Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Friedrich Merz, called for a two-year postponement of the gas pipeline construction – “given the situation around the poisoning of Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny”. However, Mertz also believes that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline should be built.