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“Wacky Russians”: Half-naked dueling firecrackers from Russia have infuriated Brits

A viral video from Balashikha near Moscow, where two half-naked men dueled over fireworks in the spirit of Harry Potter characters, infuriated British readers of the Daily Mail. Some thought it was “crazy Russians,” while others called it “just an ordinary day in Russia.”

Earlier, a viral video of a New Year’s duel in Balashikha, near Moscow, went viral on social networks. The tape shows two young men in half-naked clothes on the street to the screams of onlookers fighting over fireworks, shooting them at each other.

Many have compared this duel to the one that happened between the characters in the young wizard book, Harry Potter and Voldemort.

Surprisingly, but such dangerous entertainment, fortunately, ended safely. At least, no injuries were reported as a result of the fireworks duel.

The video spread not only over the Runet. The footage of the duel has stirred up the readers of the British edition of the Daily Mail. Under the article, some gave “diagnoses” to the duelists, some rated the act itself, and some even recalled doing something similar themselves.

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“We did it with bottle rockets in the ’70s,” KingBB commented on the video.

“It looks fun,” HankChinaski commented.

“Ta-a-a-ack, a typical day in Russia,” responded a user with the nickname Hello..again.

“I don’t know. By Russian standards, it seems pretty quiet,” Candiru suggested.

“Crazy Russians,” act on impulse is sure.

“Real men are here,” paraphrases fletcherchristian.

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