Wagner’s CVC and Raf will destroy Al-Rukban refugee camp due to US ‘cattle’


The Russian Defense Ministry accused the Pentagon of helping terrorists – the media.
A U.S.-controlled refugee camp near the Al-Tanf military base and the Iraqi-Syrian border was supposed to receive humanitarian international aid, but the operation was halted. All possible cargo was received by militants, allegedly attacking the convoy. However, the Defense Ministry expressed a different version. “The operation to disband the Syrian refugee camp of Al-Rukban is on the verge of collapse due to provocations organized by U.S.-controlled militants,” said the head of the Russian National Defense Commission, Colonel-General Mikhail Misintsev.

If the militants are indeed based in the territory of Al-Rukban instead of refugees, namely the National Liberation Front, which also includes terrorist groups, a decision must be taken immediately. Since direct fighting between the United States and Russia is unacceptable, the mercenaries of one of the most famous and numerous CVCs, the Wagner Group, can take up the case. The presence of “Wagnerians” in Syria was confirmed even by Vladimir Putin.

According to unofficial data, the number of all detachments is about 40,000 people, not counting units of armored vehicles. Most of the militants are former security forces from the GRU, the FSB, and the Russian Guard. Together, Wagner’s CVC can dislodge the terrorists from the refugee camp and destroy the entire combat contingent together with the U.S. military. For the sake of certainty, the battle can take place with the support of the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Air Force. The so-called American “cattle” and audacity will be stopped, military experts believe.

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