Want to steal vaccine: US complains of spies from China

Want to steal vaccine: US complains of spies from China

US intelligence reported that the recent increase in cyber attacks on medical centers and secret services believe that spies from other countries can seek information about the vaccine COVID-19 to use in their designs. Meanwhile, bill gates, in his new publication told about what properties should have the vaccine to fight the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.
The US said about the numerous attempts of the attackers behind different countries to conduct attacks on American medical centers to obtain information on the development of a vaccine from COVID-19, transfers “bi-Bi-si”.

The Director of the National center for counterintelligence and security [National Counterintelligence and Security Center NCSC] of the United States bill Evanina said that research organizations, who may be victims of attacks, have been informed about possible risks.
UK intelligence agencies also confirmed that recorded cyberspying activity.
At the moment many countries of the world are busy creating an effective vaccine against the new coronavirus. This collaborative project involved scientists, private companies, and governmental organizations. Their work is actively guarded domestic secret services, while foreign spies trying to penetrate into the inner system to learn at least some information about the development.

“We can confidently say that foreign intelligence, including the Communist Party of China, will try to take what we have achieved,” said Evanina.
Thus the country that first will create an effective vaccine that can rely on the fact that its citizens will receive the necessary samples.
“In the current situation there is nothing more valuable and important than the results of biomedical research that can help in creating a vaccine against coronavirus,” — said the Director of the NCSC.
In mid-April, the FBI announced the attempts of braking systems of the organizations involved in research COVID-19. According to the Deputy Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. Tony Ugoretz, biomedical data have long been “a priority for cyber-espionage”, and the current organization working to find a cure and vaccine for coronavirus became “the main target”.

In the same month, the assistant attorney general for the national security of the United States John Demers stated that “it would be foolish” not to believe that China will try to steal any data that details the development of a vaccine.
Meanwhile, billionaire bill gates, whose charitable Foundation is also engaged in the fight against coronavirus, has a new post up, describing the properties of a vaccine that will help the company to return to normal life.“If we really want to live a normal life, then we need a safe and effective vaccine. We will need billions of doses to be shipped to all corners of the world, and all this needs to be done as quickly as possible, ”said the co-founder of Microsoft.

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According to Gates, to stop a pandemic, the effectiveness of the vaccine should be at least 70%. Moreover, an efficiency of 60% is also acceptable, but in this case, local outbreaks will appear periodically in some regions. If the effectiveness of the vaccine is below 60%, then it will not be able to stop the virus.
Bill Gates believes that a safe and effective vaccine will appear in the next year and a half.

However, he did not rule out that this period could be reduced to 9 months since development is proceeding as fast as possible. The philanthropist noted that the first vaccine will not necessarily be ideal, but it will help to gain time before creating a truly high-quality sample.
Gates estimates that the world will need about 7 billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine. In addition, vaccination against COVID-19 is likely to become mandatory for all newborns.
“It may be hard to realize now, but at the end of the tunnel, there was light. We are working hard to get the vaccine as soon as possible, ”concluded the philanthropist.