Water and salt will replace bleach

Water and salt will replace bleach

Modern cleaning products, as we know from advertising, kill up to 99.99% of bacteria.

The Chinese achieved the same effect, only without the use of “fragrant” bleach.

Chinese know-how – a household appliance Egret, designed to disinfect homes, as well as fruits and vegetables with electrolyzed water (EO-water).

And what is this elixir of purity and health? It turns out that everything is simple and reliable. The device uses a saltwater solution through which electricity is passed.

According to the creators of this panacea, the resulting liquid destroys up to 99.95% of viruses and microbes. She literally tears apart the outer shells of bacteria. And the remaining 0.05% themselves die from loneliness. With this tool, like ordinary water, you can process everything: carpets, walls, dishes, clothes, products and even yourself.

How to use Egret? Just fill its tank with tap water, add sodium chloride and turn on the power. To achieve the desired disinfection effect, the device only needs three minutes.

On sale Egret will appear in April of this year. The initial price is $ 109.

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