"We are the Russian mafia": the hotel owner in Turkey has arranged disassemblies with tourists.

“We are the Russian mafia”: the hotel owner in Turkey has arranged disassemblies with tourists.

The Russian owner of the hotel under the Turkish Antalya arranged a dispute with the tenant directly to the tourists. According to the Turkish media, he refused to extend the contract for a few weeks and tried to force the tenant out of the hotel along with tourists.

27-year-old manager Orhan Kaplan and his two employees were grabbed, tied up, and tried to force them to sign some documents right in the hotel Olimpos 90 kilometers from Antalya. This is reported by the Ortadogu newspaper with reference to the victim. His stories are partly confirmed by a video shot by one of the employees.

One of the tourists called the gendarmes, and they released the victim, sending him by ambulance to the hospital. Some of the attackers, who were caught in a hotel, were taken to the station, where they were interrogated and released.

The Turkish edition reports that Orhan Kaplan subleased a hotel owned by a Russian citizen in May for five months. The season was bad because of the pandemic and the Turks asked the owner to extend the contract. He refused. Then Orhan Kaplan told the owner that it takes 15 days, as this is the period that will occupy the hotel already arrived tourists. In response, the owner again refused and allegedly threatened to talk to him in “understandable language”.

The next day, on October 21, a group of 15 Russian-speaking people burst into the hotel, and in front of astonished tourists seized the manager, tied him up, and beat him. After that Orkhan Kaplan was taken to a free room. Two employees tried to help the manager, but they were also beaten, Ortadogu reports. Outraged tourists were also told to leave the hotel. According to Orkhan Kaplan, the attackers shouted “we are the Russian mafia.

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