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We do not win the war against coronavirus – UN Secretary General

António Guterres declared that mankind is losing in the war with coronavirus and called on the G20 to develop a “wartime” plan.
UN Secretary-General António Guterres called on G20 leaders to develop a joint wartime plan to defeat humanity against coronavirus. He said this on Thursday, March 26, at the G20 summit, held in the form of a videoconference, reports TASS.
“We are at war with the virus, and we are not winning,” said Guterres.

He also cited statistics showing how fast COVID-19 is spreading.

“In three months the number of confirmed cases reached 100 thousand. In only 12 days, the number of cases increased by another 100 thousand. The third time it increased by one hundred thousand in four days. And finally, in the fourth – in one and a half days” Guterres said.
He emphasized that a war plan is required to fight in a war.

“Solidarity plays a key role. Especially the solidarity of the G20 countries with the developing world, with countries in conflict,” said Guterres.
In a series of three specific areas of action that the G20 countries should take, the secretary-general called the suppression of the spread of the virus, minimizing the economic consequences and building a more stable global economic system in the future. He also again called on countries to stop all ongoing hostilities.

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